A Real-Life Escape Game >> Next Generation-HIGH TECH ENABLED <<

Looking for some fun-time with friends, families, colleagues? Something other than the usual hangouts, movies and the like? Then check out the new fun in town, Escape Code offers a real life escape game!

It is about logic, fun and team spirit.Get ready to participate in one of the most valued added, adrenaline packed team building & mental challenge session you’ve ever done!

The combination of limited time, confined space and the need to think outside the box will create a unique atmosphere around you. The experience will fully engage you, which you will not forget...

I am a big fan of Real-Life Escape Games and I have played at loads of venues all around the world and decided to start my own concept in Kingdom of Bahrain. Rather than just copy what I have seen, I wanted to take the genre in a new direction and add my personal touch to give first timers as well as seasoned players a truly unique High-Tech experience.
Hashem MohamedYan- Founder of Escape Code
P.O.Box 33772 Isa Town, Kingdom of Bahrain+973 17-500023